Salted corn
Natural cashew
-Cashew salados
Salted cocktail
Unseeded damask
Medium cherries
Unseedes cherries
Salted lima beans
Peanuts and raisins
Salted peanuts
Salted mix
Nuts mix
Dried fruit mix
Skinless nuts
Dark raisins
Golden raisins
Skinless pecans
Chullpi corn
Candied pecan
Salted almonds
Colapiz en lámina
  Our snacks are carefully selected according to HACCP and GMP regulations, automatic machinery for packaging is used and our quality control checks that our customers reach the best possible selection of our products.  
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- Branch Office 2: Av. Mexico 1937 - La Victoria - Lima 13 - Perú
- Branch Office 3: Mercado Minorista: Unánue Cdra. 19 - Pje “L” - Puesto 1237
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